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Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)

No glasses… no daytime contacts… no surgery. Just great vision!

Corneal refractive therapy, or CRT, is a breakthrough lens therapy offered at our practice. It is an option for our nearsighted patients who would like to be free of daytime contact lens wear and glasses during their daily activities without having to undergo surgery.

Unlike a conventional contact lens that is inserted in the morning and taken out at night, the CRT lens is inserted in your eye at bedtime to gently reshape the cornea during sleep. The lens is removed in the morning for vision that remains corrected throughout the day.

CRT can be a great option for:

    • sports participants
    • those who experience eye irritation with daytime contact lens wear
    • workers who need to meet occupational demands for unaided vision such as firefighters, police, and pilots
    • those who work in harsh environments such as kitchen staff and construction workers
    • older children and teens too young for LASIK, but who could benefit from unaided vision during their activities.

CRT is a FDA-approved therapy. It is used for flattening the too steep cornea of nearsightedness, also called myopia. Vision improvement is immediate. However, like a dental retainer, you must continue to wear the lens according to your doctor’s recommendations to maintain your corrected vision.

To learn more, talk with your eye doctor.